Rodent Control

Three major types of mice in Michigan.

the Deer mouse prefer to live in wooded areas but will venture into homes, sheds, and garages. They can be gray to a reddish brown with a white underbelly with a long tail and bulbous eyes.

White footed mouse looks very similar to the deer mouse but with out the bulbous eyes and as the name states has white feet and a white underbelly.they live in wooded areas and can also invade homes. the House mouse are active all year long and very prolific with 4-16 young in a litter and 7-8 litters a year. Color is brown to a gray, without a white belly, and smaller head.


We do a thorough inspection at ground level and eves to assure a complete and expert exclusion to assure that there are no exterior entry points for mice to gain assess to your home