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Wolfgang Pest Solutions Residential program is an 11-point service which starts with one comprehensive treatment of your entire property inside and out. 11-point service includes:

  1. Complete inspection of your property, both inside and out, and then we will go over any problems your’re currently having.
  2. Inspection of attic/crawl space and treatment if needed.
  3. Treatment of garage, including spider web knockdown.
  4. Treatment of eaves, soffits, facia boards, and building exterior, including removal of mud wasp & paper wasp nests on the first floor.
  5. Treatment of mulch or soil on the perimeter of building, including any ant mounds within a 5′ radius of the building.
  6. Treatment of all window sills, door thresholds, and any other crack or crevice entry point.
  7. Treatment of patios, porches, screen rooms, screened pool space.
  8. Treatment of critical area’s like laundry, kitchen, wet bar, pantry, bathrooms, etc..
  9. Treatment of any other room where a particular problem may exist.
  10. Recommendations on pest control prevention consisting of exterior debris removal, tree branch or shrub trimming, termite & wood rot prevention, and sanitation, both inside and out of your home
  11.  During Winter months service will also include Cobweb removal through out house and all finished areas